Paganello is an annual, huge frisbee event consisting of two sport competitions:
World Beach Ultimate Cup
World Freestyle Challenge
A rich social scene is also a main ingredient of the event.
Paganello is a BULA tournament.

31 march – 2 April (Sat-Mon) 2018
[Easter is the 1, welcome party on Fri, first game on Sat, finals on Mon, everything ends on Mon at 18.00]

Rimini Beach, Italy (Beach #34, center of the seaside)
[100km. from Bologna, 200km. from Venice and Florence, 300km. from Milan, 400km. from Rome]
closest airports: Bologna, Venice, Verona, Milan, Rome

3 divisions: mixed, junior under 20, junior under 15
best Europe teams + top teams from all the continents.
teams consist of 5 players (5-on-5 Beach Ultimate)
junior: no gender restriction, players must be born in 1999 or later
mixed: 2 men, 2 women and offence decides the 5th players gender


Which is th closest airport to Rimini?
Rimini has an airport connected to several european cities.
Next closest airports: Forlì (45min. from Rimini, by train, flights mostly from Eastern Europe), Bologna (1hr), Ancona (Falconara) (1hr), Venice (2.5 hrs) and Milan (3hrs). Milan has two airports: Linate and Malpensa. The latter is much farther (about 1 hour by bus) from the local train station.
Rome has two airports: Ciampino and Fiumicino (also known as Leonardo da Vinci).
The most popular low cost company that may be useful to you is Ryanair.

If you are flying to Italy from non-European airports you will likely land either to Malpensa or Fiumicino.

How long does it take to go from Bologna or Milan to Rimini by train?
Bologna: about 1 hour, from Milan 3/4 hours, according to the kind of train.
[you can buy your ticket online]
see also train connections

How far is Rimini from Venice, Florence, Rome?
Venice 200 km. north, Florence 200 km west, Rome 350 km. south-west. If you go there by train, in each case you have to change in Bologna.

If you are driving, check the Italian highways web site

How far is the local railways station from the fields?
fields: about 20 minutes walking, 10 minutes by bus (see directions page for details)

At what time does Paganello end on Monday?
closing ceremony ends at about 18.00 (6.00 PM).

Can I get food and beverage on the fields?
yes, the players package includes food&drink tickets with which you can get food and drink right on the Beach at the Paganello food&drink points. You can purchase more tickets there.

What’s on the Beach apart from fields?
there will be food&drink beneath a hugh shelter tent, merchandising point, shelter tents on eahc field, massages tent, first aid, email service for players, nursery for kids, 1000-people stands and other attractions.
Furthermore, right close to the tournament area and inside Paganello Village: live music, world-class Freestyle competition (with music soundsystem, stand and footboard), dance shows, music contests, etc.
An actual City Of Fun will be set on the Beach, where you can let yourself flow and lose yourself in front of an endless horizon.

When and where will I get the player’s card, party tickets, etc.?
on Thursday afternoon and on Friday morning, each teams captain will come and get all the stuff for his/her team at the Paganello headquarters.
More details about the time will be communicated directly to each captain the week before Paganello.

When and where am I supposed to arrive on Friday night?
Welcome Party takes place right on the fields. First round of spaghetti served at 20.00.

At what time does Paganello start on Saturday morning?
First games at 9.00 (you can have more details about it in this years Paganello section). Not all the teams will play at that time, so it may happen your first game is scheduled a couple of hours later.

Basic Paganello timetable?
Welcome Party: Friday night from 20.00
first games are scheduled on Saturday morning
Saturday and Sunday: games all through the day
Last games will be played on Monday, when each team will play one final game (there might be some which will play two: this will be communicated the day before with the official schedule).

1st place finals at: 12.30 (juniors), 13.30 (mixed), 16.00 (open) and the final ceremony will be over at about 18.00.
So unless you play the final for 1st place, your Monday game will start at about 12.30 at latest.

How many players does a team consist of?
five on the field: a roster of 10 at least is recommended.

Which kind of shoes should I use?
most of the players use to play barefoot or wearing sandsocks.

Size the fields?
75 x 25 meters. End zones are 15 meters long.
See also BULA (Beach Ultimate Lovers Association).

What is the mixed (co-ed) ratio? How many women on the field?
2 men and 2 women and the offence decides if the 5th person is a man or a woman.

Will I be exhausted on Monday afternoon?

How is the weather like in Rimini in April?

average 24-hr temperature: 12.3 °C (54.1 °F)

London: 7.9 °C (48.2 °F)
Munich: 7.5 °C
Paris: 10.4 °C
New York City: 10.2 °C (50.4 °F)

average maximum temperature: 16.3 °C (61.3 °F)
average minimum temperature: 7.1 °C (44.8 °F)

average rainfall: 50.1 mm. (2.0 in.)
London: 54.1 mm. (2.1 in.)
Munich: 70.4 mm.
Paris: 204.9 mm.
New York City: 91.8 mm. (3.6 in.)

[source: World Climate]

Will it be the World’s Greatest Party?
yes, definitely

Is life a Beach?